What exactly is "circular design", and how does it define Virgio as a champion of sustainable fashion?

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Circular design represents a transformative shift from the prevalent fashion industry's "take, make, and dispose of" mindset. It's a holistic approach that begins at the drawing board, designing products by considering their entire life journey, ensuring that every phase eliminates harmful substances and reduces waste. This progressive concept isn't just a fleeting trend for us; our passion and commitment to it were greatly influenced by Dame Ellen MacArthur, who pioneered the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. This esteemed foundation champions the powerful idea that we have the potential to innovate and craft products in a more planet-friendly and sustainable manner.

Virgio stands as a beacon in this movement. Every individual product we conceptualize is subjected to an exhaustive review process to guarantee it adheres to this sustainable life path. This means that once its primary use comes to an end, every Virgio clothing item is destined for either a recycling process free from contaminants or a natural, eco-friendly decomposition.

But our commitment doesn't stop at the primary fabrics. We delve deep into the intricacies and nuances of product creation. The finer, often overlooked details, be it the buttons that fasten our clothes, the labels that brand them, the threads that stitch them, or the dyes that color them, are all chosen with our circular design principles in mind.

In the vast ocean of the fashion industry, Virgio emerges as an island of true sustainability. We're rooted in the belief that unless a product is crafted with genuine circularity at its core, it can't claim sustainability. This philosophy encompasses more than just ensuring an item has a prolonged lifecycle or advocating for recycling. We visualize ourselves not merely as business proprietors but as guardians of the planet, prioritizing transparency in our practices and offering clear, eco-centric solutions for our discerning clientele.

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